Male Ally-Ship

Male ally-ship extends into the day-to-day activities and behaviors you partake in as men. Ally-ship challenges you to be aware of your position in society, and being conscious of the relationships you share with people. The behaviors that men partake in both directly and indirectly affect women, and what affects women, will affect men. These issues are large and complex. If you’re interested in trying to be an ally, and want to support women but are unsure of how to approach this matter, below is a list of resources that outline, and specify ways in which that men can be supportive, and allies to women: – Jackson Katz: Violence Against Women: It’s Men’s Issue 

Male-ally-ship emphasizes supporting women, and it also about being aware of your privilege and position in society. Being an ally to women in both feminist specific movements, as well, generally being supportive to women; requires individuals to be conscious of their actions, and as well speaking against actions of your peers that may affect women. Jackson Katz provides a clear and defined explanation of how men can support women, in regards to sexual assault. 

The video, “Violence against Women– it’s a men’s issue,” really exemplifies the roles men can play in this society. Essentially, Jackson Katz emphasizes that it is vital for men to be active in supporting women’s issues in order to end gender-discrimination. I hope these resources have helped you in understanding the ways in which you can support women. Also, I hope it has helped you understand the complexity of gender-issues, and how gender issues are not limited to women, but also that gender issues do affect men. The actions of men affect the lives of women, and other groups, and vice-versa. 

Book Resources:

Feminism & Masculinities. Edited by Peter F. Murphy. Oxford University Press. 2009.

Men Doing Feminism. Edited by Tom Digby. Routledge. 1998.

Video Resources:

Tough Guise 2: Violence, Manhood & American Culture. By Jackson Katz. 2014.

The Codes of Gender: Identity & Performance in Popular Culture. A Media Education Foundation Film. 2009.