Carrying That Weight Together



On Wednesday, October 29, students, staff, and faculty of colleges across the country stood in solidarity with survivors of sexual and domestic violence by carrying mattresses together.
This national Day of Action was inspired by the activism and art of Emma Sulkowicz, who is boldly carrying a dorm mattress around campus as long as she and her rapist continue to attend Columbia University. Central to the importance of Emma’s art is the collaborative and supportive nature of the project. Carrying a mattress with others brings us together to collectively to show our shared support for survivors, and our collective commitment to working together toward cultural and community-level change to end sexual and domestic violence.
Through this powerful demonstration of solidarity, participants tangibly expressed their commitment to lift the burden of sexual violence from the shoulders of survivors—to carry the weight together.

During the first two months of the 2015 winter semester the GIC hosted their own Carry that Weight event where a mattress was carried around on Campus and students and staff members were asked to sign pledges which declared their support for victims of sexual assault and called on Lakehead to do the same. Over 290 pledges were signed, these pledges were then displayed at Take Back the Night.


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