Abortion Services

If you wish to end a pregnancy you can access services in Thunder Bay if it is 12 weeks along or less, and it will be covered by your Ontario Health Card. For more information call 1-800-622-0055

If the pregnancy is farther along than 12 weeks you will need to access services outside Thunder Bay, there are a few different options. Some of these clinics are located outside Canada but the Ministry of Health may be able to help cover costs of abortions performed outside Canada

Less than 15 weeks
Women’s Health Clinic
Duluth, Minnesota
Phone:  218-727-3352
Toll Free:  800-735-7654
Website: http://womenshealthcenterduluth.org/

Less than 16 Weeks
Women’s Health Clinic
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Phone (for those living in Winnipeg):  204-477-1887
Phone (for those living outside Winnipeg): 1-866-947-1517 ext. 503
Website: http://womenshealthclinic.org
*Note if you do not reside in Manitoba there is a $500 fee

Less than 18 Weeks
The Morgantaler Clinic
Toronto, Ontario
Phone: 416-932-0446
Toll Free: 1-800-556-6835
Fax: (416) 932-0837
Email: mclinic@passport.ca
Website: http://www.morgentaler.ca/index.html

Less than 22 Weeks
Cabbagetown Women’s Clinic
Toronto, Ontario
Phone: 416-323-0642
Toll Free: 1-800-399-1592
Fax: (416) 323-3099
Website: http://www.cabbagetownwomensclinic.com/

Whole Women’s Health Clinic
Minneapolis, Minnisota
Phone: (612) 376-7708
Website: http://wholewomanshealth.com/